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    When "Tough Enough" RE-Debuts...

    Will this crappy one trick pony be put to rest? It gave u the Nexus, yay. It has also given me about 45 extra minutes of sleep for the week as well. Everytime I go to watch it, I make it through the WWE intro, the re-cap, the theme song and the pyro... and then it just phases out and turns to black and I'm dreaming of a CM Punk VS. Daniel Bryan Danielson feud.

    I'm tired of them shoveling people through this show. Kaval already left, Riley is A lackey, so is McGillicutty and Harris. Not to mention ALL of season 1. Who were the Divas in competition again? It was about 3 weeks ago that they left us and I can't even remember a face let alone a name.

    If WWE wants to keep piling on the dead here, why not try and get FCW some National exposure? I understand that TECHNICALLY that's what they're doing with NXT but, I think "Tough Enough" should be CENTERED around FCW and the wrestlers there.

    Agree, disagree? Wanna fight about it?

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    Your'e right that NXT sucks bigtime. 80% of the content has nothing, I repeat nothing to do with wrestling! Singing, dancing, jumping hurdles, balance beams, punching machine, joke telling, kissing, all of that has nothing to do with in-ring wrestling ability, which is what WWE should be about. No wonder it got such low ratings, and got taken off tv in USA.

    Even Superstars sucks. It had random wrestlers from both rosters competing in inter-brand and inner-brand matches, and it focused on those who weren't getting airtime on Raw/SD, but it went downhill quickly. It didn't have storylines, and to make up for that, WWE pitted the same 2 superstars against each other 10 times.

    If FCW was to gain national exposure, and be on tv, it would be better than Superstars, since there are somewhat storylines, and new talent that the world has not seen before. And the talent at FCW wouldn't have to be subjected to going through that stupid NXT concept, win/lose, and then most likely be a lackey, jobber, or released.

    In every season of NXT, when the rookies are being introduced, there is a footage of the rookies in FCW, which might make the crowd go WTF? What wrestling is that? Well if FCW wer'e to come on tv, problem solved. I don't think that FCW would be the best thing, but it sure as hell would be more entertaining that Superstars, and NXT.

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