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    Bored of the Undertaker?

    I think most people get that Undertaker is a legend but has he overstayed his welcome?

    This will be the third straight Wrestlemania where Taker has worked without working any other time of the year. The matches Taker has worked have been highly entertaining but I have problems with him coming back once a year to bask in the glory of continuing his streak, which if anyone thinks won't be continuing especially when he works only one match a year, is not being realistic (nicest way I could say it). If he lost what would be the point of coming back once a year?

    Anyways, he's not coming back to put anyone over and he will be gone for 11 months before coming back again. The guy is a legend but it bothers me for only being a 47 year old that he works such a lax schedule to only come back and put himself over more.


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