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Thread: Fake Touts

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    Fake Touts

    Is it just me or are the tout videos wwe airs live on raw made by wwe employees or fans who got paid to act that way?
    There's no way real wwe fans would act like that when they talk about wwe.
    You go to youtube and u hear raw reviews SD reviews ppv previews and reviews, a fans opinion on a certain wrestler and all u see is people like us from the IWC who know all the stuff that there is to know about wrestling and use terms such as heel babyface kayfabe push gimmick scripted etc
    the fans on tout look nothing like us, these are obviously people paid to act the way they did.
    last raw tout videos the wwe send out during raw showed fans giving out their opinion about the main event match.
    for crying out loud we all knew punk was gonna win,and the fans who know nothing about wrestling wouldnt even make a video to begin with.
    if u want real wrestling fans opinions go to youtube if u want fake fans who got paid to say what they say go on to tout, there's a reason wwe didnt chose youtube over tout and it's because of that.

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    You're an idiot, sir. Do you really believe that? People will do anything to get on TV - I bet they received tens of thousands of touts. Do you actually believe it's only marks like us who know how to post a video on the internet? Honestly, I don't believe you put any thought into this whatsoever.

    You're welcome!!

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    Mister Sabertooth,Go to the official facebook event page for wrestlemania 29.You'll see a whole another world there.Like thousands of people commenting every second things like "OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG Cena-Rock II OMG WWE BEST EVEEEEEER" lolololololol

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    They obviously aren't going to let any smarky touts go out on air are they? That's not really in line with the image they're trying to maintain.


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