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    Who was better - Trish Stratus or Lita?

    So as there is plenty of hype about Trish being inducted into the hall of fame, it of course got me thinking, who was actually better Trish or Lita? Many people have their own views and some definitely prefer one over the other, however for me they both have their good points.

    Trish - She entered the WWE/F as a valet to T&A and wasn't really trained in the ring at all, she would often be a distraction to their competitors and would go on to then feud with Lita when Lita was with the Hardys setting up her first few matches in the WWE. After disbanding with T&A she entered a huge storyline with Vince and Stephanie McMahon which after barking like a dog and a mop bucket attack later she then turned face and went onto getting better at wrestling and thus becoming multi time womens champion. Holding the record at 7 reigns. She had some of the most memorable feuds particularly with Lita, Victoria, Jazz, Molly Holly and Mickie James. Not only did she improve in the ring but she also developed amazing mic skills particularly when she was heel (see feud with christy hemme). She had some amazing matches and even main evented with Lita on the 6/12/04 edition of RAW when she lost the womens championship. It's safe to say Trish evolutionised the division as she proved to be a valuable asset to storylines and matches. She also helped a lot of new talent become over with the crowd in her final years such as Mickie, Ashley, Christy and Beth pheonix. Also, in terms of her as a person she was generally well liked and a good worker, she never backed down from a challenge and put her all into everything she did. No matter what anyone says, she deserves to be a hall of famer.

    Lita - She came into the WWF a little earlier than Trish, starting her career mainly with the Hardy's and the feud against Chyna when she was the ultimate underdog to captivating her womens championship. Lita however, had prior wrestling experience to Trish before coming into the WWE making her a more established wrestler. Like Trish, she had many memorable feud in the early years especially with Trish, Victoria, Molly, Jazz etc. She was injured in 2002 for a year but came back with utter determination to win the championship. It's safe to say that Lita was hugely popular with the crowd between 2002 and early 2005, she was the top face of the division as she was different to most women with her high flying style and alternative look. If anything the fans of WWE love something different and Lita certainly was that. Her biggest moment as a face was when she defeated Trish for the title on the main event of RAW. The huge shock came when she turned heel by siding with Edge and would go on to be his manager and help him cheat to win matches, as Edge was a monster heel in 2005, this certainly helped her become a force not to be reckoned with, she remained heel for the rest of her career. Lita also revolutionised the division, she was an amazing wrestler and a great character. And no doubt future hall of famer.

    So after a bit of background - who was better in your opinion?

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    the storyline where Trish was sleeping with Vince when Linda was ill, and Vice's subsequent degradation of Trish afterwards, ruined her character in my opinion.

    Trish has a much, much prettier face, body give the edge to Lita, in-ring ability, Lita. Not saying Trish was not any good, she would be heads above any diva on the current roster.

    Lita created one of the most memorable feuds of the last 15 years with Edge and Matt Hardy.

    Its funny, if i was starting a wrestling promotion from scratch, i would choose Trish.

    But looking back on it, i have much more fond memories of Lita and would say she was "better" than Trish.

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    Trish was better. Lita was still amazing in her own right but Trish was just a step higher really.
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    I voted Trish. As much as I respect Lita I believe people over rate her because of a couple of luchador moves she could do and bumps she could take. That's not all there is. Trish was a diva, a worker, a promo girl, she pretty much had the lot.

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