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    Wrestlemania card

    Hello, so I, as are many, am pretty underwhelmed by this years wrestlemania due to a mainevent
    In which it is innevitable (spell?) that some guy who blows donkey dick will beat my personal hero. I'm not going to hate too much, I understand it has to happen. I just want to get it over with as I'm one who thinks with Ziggler, punk, Bryan, my boy Ambrose (I'm all for jumping on bandwagons with your punks and zigglers but this one i am smug to be a fan for years).

    Anyways will still be watching, came up with a card I think will happen so opinions please!

    1. Rock (champ) vs Cena
    cena wins

    2. Cm punk vs undertaker
    i think punk will relish this match and I think it will be good stuff. Also is there anywhere I can put a bet on punk winning the rumble next year?
    Taker wins

    3. Triple h (with vkm) vs Brock Lesnar in a street fight
    said it to my mates this bad boy will steal the show, ignore the fact the summerslam match was poor. If they throw the kitchen sink at it, dx, shield, hbk - it could be a riot
    brock wins - with the 2 year contract he must! Then rocky next year

    4. Wade Barrett (ic champ) vs Sheamus
    wade must go over!
    Wade wins

    5. Alberto del rio (champ) vs jack swagger
    if it opens the show there will be no cash in by Ziggler, if not then Ziggler cashes in.
    Del rio wins (Ziggler 50/50 cash in)

    6. Some kind of diva match featuring santino.

    7. The shield vs Ryback, Orton and Christian???? (will need some thoughts on this, pretty sure Ryback and Orton are a lock)
    The shield win, Orton heel turn on Ryback

    8. Kane vs Daniel Bryan (for the tag team titles)
    Gimmick match of some sort
    Bryan wins

    9. Jericho vs Ziggler
    give them a good 20 minutes to open the show!
    Jericho wins if Ziggler cashes in later, if not, Ziggler

    Pre show
    cesaro (champ) vs miz
    miz wins

    Miz/Cesaro may not be Pre show but I'm aware I have left Rey and Henry out. I'm interested in what you dudes think about how they will fit in. Oh and Cody and Sandow ! I'm thinking a 10 man tag may be slotted in somewhere!

    Thoughts please, taking into account I am writing this drunk


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