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    Are You a Cena Fan?

    The question is simple, are you a john cena fan? And i dont mean the person, i mean cena the character. Myself and others have been in a discussion with someone else about john cena, so i thought i would make this thread with a poll, so that a a clear picture would come of the views of the people that come to this site. Of course, this is only a fraction of all the fans, but still, i am intrigued.

    So, are you a fan? Yes? No? Neither? If you pick neither, explain

    For me, its neither. While i dont dislike cena, im not a raging fan who goes crazy when he comes out. I have enjoyed some of his in ring work and promos, but ive also been bored with them. To me, if you're a fan of something, then you just enjoy it no matter what. Like me and how i met your mother, or scrubs, or wrestling related shawn michaels or ziggler.

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    I'm a john cena fan. His character entertains me. I mean, I'm not a mark by any means of his... I do enjoy watching punk vs cena... or even rock vs cena because of the clash of characters.

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    Yeas i am.........

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    I understand his appeal, I appreciate his work ethic and I know he can be relied upon to do a great job. In that respect, I am a fan.

    However, he will not be one of my favorites. He doesn't fully appeal to me and there is no reason to - I'm not his target audience.

    So for that, I have voted neither.

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    I am indifferent. While he is not my first choice in matches that I would draw up to watch just to pass the time, the guy have been involved with some very entertaining angles and has had some really good matches. I understand why he is a necessity in the E Universe and think that he is perhaps the best choice the WWE has ever made for a "face" of the company as his works with charities and ventures outside of the ring are all very tasteful and represent such a stand up character for the man. I think some are turned off because this type of stand up character translates into his WWE character a lot more than some would prefer, but I think it helps to further sell him as the marketable commodity that he is.

    Cena is a solid performer in the ring and has an exceptional amount of charisma and skills with the mic. I prefer guys who show an exceptional amount of talent in the ring, so my personal preference isn't to watch his matches. However, the guy is phenomenal at being the top face that the WWE needs to keep the younger fans and the parents who buy stuff for their kids interested in the product. I won't go so far as to call myself a "fan" of his, but I am also understanding of the important role he plays in the overall product WWE gives us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BennyTheBall View Post
    I understand his appeal, I appreciate his work ethic and I know he can be relied upon to do a great job. In that respect, I am a fan.

    However, he will not be one of my favorites. He doesn't fully appeal to me and there is no reason to - I'm not his target audience.

    So for that, I have voted neither.
    This, pretty much. I enjoy his in-ring work - one of the most underrated in the WWE, and his promos I prefer to someone like Big Show. But, not enough to call myself a fan.

    However, if it was purely based on his rapping gimmick of old, then I probably would be.

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    Cena works a lot harder in the ring that some would like to give him credit for, and I can see why he would have such a limited move set as he's the cash cow, you can't have this guy taking an unacceptable amount of risk where his health is concerned. But he's certainly not the best and I doubt he's ever claimed to be.

    His promos are pretty dire sometimes though, not all the time, but a good proportion are aimed far too much at the younger crowd to engage me at all as an adult. I wouldn't mind him being such a superman if the WWE would just have him cut a promo or two from time to time that would make him endearing to your average fan.

    So, i'm going to vote No, i'm not a fan.
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    Neither, I know some of his matches are good, but the problem is that he wins all of them

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    Yes, I am a fan.

    Some of his promos are childish at times, but overall like someone above me said, he is the best face the wwe has ever had.

    hogan was obviously the same man back then as he is today, he just did a much better job at hiding it.

    steve austin was an anti-hero, he swore and flipped the bird.

    the rock was only there for the fame and money until his recent comeback. he would have been the best if hollywood did not come calling and he answer.

    there is nothing i enjoy more than when cena has the title, because i know at some point, he will lose that title and it will be another great moment just like Punk at MITB 2011.

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    I was a fan until I found out that i really didn't like him. WWE was telling me I like him. See WWE is telling us we like him but where is the proof that we like him. Thanks Wrestling_Deluxe_08 for opening my eyes to what WWE been doing.


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