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    Aces and Eights the ultimate swerve/shock factor

    I would love for the ultimate swerve to be Scott Steiner revealed as the man Kurt Angle unmasked. This would make sense as the angle has been going since not long after Steiner was fired by Hogan, Steiner fits the bad arse mould and body shape and would add credibility to the group. After being shown the door by Hogan and not being shown any support/loyalty by his MEM "family" (Sting and Angle) he goes out and recruits his own gang/family to get his revenge. This would allow Steiner to be back in TNA in more of a manager/leader role and less of a wrestling capacity. I know it is a long shot but I hope it is right as it would be the most logical and a great swerve. Also I don't think Steiner is contracted anywhere else.


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