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Thread: Zack Ryder.

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    Zack Ryder.

    Just making this thread to see what are you guys thoughts on Zack Ryder. Do you guys like him, hate him, and where do you want to see him in the future.

    I actually like Zack Ryder, I know his gimmick isn't the best but he made it work. I know some don't think he's talented, but there have been times where he can get a whole crowd behind him, such as TLC 2011, and even at Survivor Series when the whole crowd chanted "we want Ryder". He has also been known to be able to be a high-flyer, (He has a nice senton) and he even sells merchandise. I'm not saying Zack Ryder should be a main-eventer but he can be a solid mid-carder, and has proven to be a good tag team partner. I think Zack Ryder should have more of an underdog role next year, and maybe even get a bit of a mean-streak, he can talk about being more and more frustrated on his web show, and go from there. I think he is talented, and can be a solid-mid carder if the WWE would book him correctly.

    So thoughts on Zack Ryder?


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