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    I was expecting them to do this at Wrestlemania 35. If only because they're usually way behind when it comes to this.

    Remember when they billed Morrison as the Prince of Parkour 6 years after people stopped giving a shit about it?

    Besides. This is the only way Zack Ryder can get a Wrestlemania payday
    I'd rather have nothing than have a lie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SaberToothTigerz View Post
    sorry i havent been watching wwe since 1999 or 2000 i've been watching it after austin left
    i started watching it in january 2005
    and yes ive seen them doing pretty redunctant stuff but nothing of these sheer lenghts. it makes me feel extremely embaressed even if it lasts only 2 minutes.
    haha that's the year I pretty much gave up on wrestling...since you've been watching there hasn't been nothing in the wrestling world especially the wwe to draw interest since "The Invasion" angle......2005...the year wrestling OFFICIALLY died...

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    u guys all talk about ( opportunities long run etc ) i just sit here and facepalm myself to death

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkside Ron Garvin View Post
    You should really do some history man. These types of things have been happening for a LONG period of time and it's not just centered around politics and "main stream trends" (Zack Ryder = Jersey Shore type stuff). You remember the horrible angle of McMahon vs Trump, but we did get a good moment out of it when VKM got his head shaved. This type of stuff is harmless in the long run, and like I said, sometimes you end up with one moment out of these things that makes them worth having (Tyson/Austin angle).

    I couldn't help but think of this when I read that, maggs

    You only think what it suits you

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    Oh your god no!!

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