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    WWE'13 storylines TLC ppv

    The WWE'13 storylines TLC ppv just started on my channel, The show is headlined by matches such as ...Tables match Chris Jericho VS Unknown masked man, TLC match for wwe title Big show vs Daniel Bryan Vs Dolph Ziggler Vs Cody Rhodes (current champion) And the world title is on the line In a TLC match John Cena Vs randy Orton (current champion) .

    Below is the link to the playlist , At the time of posting this the pre-show and Part 1 are already uploaded...Watch them...if you like the look subscribe for more .

    *note* the quality is not as good as normal on pre-show and part 1 due to messed up settings on pvr...back to normal in next part (Full HD)

    TLC Playlist -
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