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  • Knockout title-Tara vs Velvet Sky

    0 0%
  • Austin Aries vs Hernandez

    1 7.14%
  • X-title RVD vs Kenny King

    2 14.29%
  • Gut Check Lei'd Tapa vs Ivelise Felez

    4 28.57%
  • Bad Influence vs Jeff Hardy and Bully Ray

    7 50.00%
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    Impact match of the Night 2-28-13

    Going with the Main Event...... 2nd would be the X-title match.... 3rd the Gut Check match...
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    Going with the Main Event...... 2nd would be the X-title match.... 3rd the Gut Check match...
    Agreed. The X-Match would have been top if not for Hebner blowing the ending. The X-Match was very well paced and was a good back and forth between the two; the ending kind of blew it when Kenny had to unexpectedly pick up RVD and deliver the Royal Flush to finish the match. Props to King for hitting it because I can't image that move being easy to pull off on a frame like RVD's.

    But the top match was definitely the Bully/Hardy vs. Bad Influence. I loved the bit of comedy with Bully mocking the dance and felt that Bully/Jeff pulled off a bit of credible tag teaming. The 4 worked really well together to put out an excellent back and forth match.

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    Went with RVD and King's match emitting Earl "As old As the Hills" Hebner blowing the finale of the match it was a great match and from watching King in ROH it was a great moment for him.

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    I liked X-Div title and also the Gut check match!! But, my vote goes to Bad Influence vs Hardy/Ray...


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