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    I'm still on the fence with this years WM event as right now it's got nothing going for it that screams "This Is WM!!" Just a bunch of thrown together at the last moment matches that are barely PPV worthy if at all. Plenty of bathroom breaks and it won't be all that exciting/entertaining unless you happen to be between the ages of 3 - 11. It's a half-hearted attempt at a PPV and less than that for a WM. Be prepared for a lot of commercials; backstage hooliganism; un-needed filler type junk; and loads of boredom.

    I'm seriously disappointed with the WWE and it's lack of creative ability right now. Other than 1 or 2 story-lines everything is just a waste of time. It has no direction leading up to, nor going after this years WM event. No doubt that it will sell though as one could sell anything in America even dirty diapers. Hopefully we'll get to see a more focused effort into the build up for WM in the next 4 weeks that will bring some much needed excitement and grab my attention.

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