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    Obviously we've been seeing vignettes for Fandango recently on tv, but so close to WM and with all the big names returning this time of year (Lesnar, Rock, HHH, Jericho, Taker?) is the timing of his debut going to hurt him in the long run? Or do you think it'll benefit him making his debut during the most exciting part of the year.

    Just want everyones opinions on this. Do all these big names being around overshadow his debut? Would there be more excitement to see him if there was less going on?
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    It's tough to say. Haha. I mean, he's literally hand crafted for 6 months of matches vs. Ryder, Santino, Brodus, Tensai, and 3MB. I think the WWE has had some really awesome debuts this past year (Ryback, The Shield, and Big E) - but this will have a tough time meeting that standard

    So to answer, no. I think he's way too lower-mid-card to be overshadowed by guys like The Rock and Cena. He's too far out of their picture to get lost in it. The best he can do, is be memorable and entertaining in this role - and hope it leads to greener pastures. Hey, Ziggler was a cheerleader once and Kane was a dentist.

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    It's never a good idea to debut new talent like this this close to Wrestlemania. Fandango isn't going to be anywhere near the top of the card and this debut is going to fall so far under the radar because of the focus being on The Rock, Cena, Lesnar, HHH, CM Punk, The Undertaker (possibly), the ADR vs Swagger feud, and whatever else they chose to go for at Wrestlemania.

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    No! There's a lot going on, and a lot of guys being lost in the shuffle already. Besides, Bo Dallas should be next in line, I think.

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    Even if they are building to Wrestlemania Raw still needs some filler.

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    They aired these vignettes a while back and nothing came off it.. so I was quite surprised to see them return on TV as I assumed they were going to change there ideas and plans.

    I don't really think this is the right time to debut anyone who's not going to be near the top of the card or already established. I'm normally positive when it comes to anything WWE but I can't see this gimmick ending well.. I was positive about Clay's gimmick and I'm pretty much sick of that now, so I have no hope for Curtis and would have liked to have seen him continue to tag with Joe Hennig.

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    No amount of timing in the world will get this gimmick over.
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    and not only the gimmick is weak, I never liked curtis back on nxt

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    No! There's a lot going on, and a lot of guys being lost in the shuffle already. Besides, Bo Dallas should be next in line, I think.
    If there really is a "line" Johnny Curtis is way ahead of Bo Dallas. Didn't he win his season of NXT? In any case Curtis is awesome fun and alright in the ring so he'll fit happily into the mid card. As Fandango he'll never be more than lower to mid card but he has the potential to grow as time goes on.

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    I bet his finisher will be like a Jazz Kick or something then he'll just shout "FAN-DAN-GO!"

    I get that Big E Langston dropped the NXT CHAMPIONSHIP Bo Dallas out of all people? WTF!


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