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    Another World Title reign for Jericho?

    Since Jericho only comes back once in a while to put talent over, do any of you see Jericho becoming World/WWE Champion again before he retires. Our even if you want to see it.

    I think Jericho should have one more World Title reign before he retires, maybe in 2-3 years Jericho's retirement match can be him as World Champion against a young talent in a retirement Vs World Title match, some opponents could be Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Rhodes, Wade Barrett( he was his pro in NXT), or even Daniel Bryan.


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    I'm all for Jericho with another World Title run. Hell, I'd even give him another WWE Title run. Jericho is one of the only seasoned vets who seem to not bother me by the idea of him holding one of the top belts. He hasn't shown any slack in his ring performances and his character always seems to be advancing, even after these long stints away from the E Universe. I say give him a good 3-5 month run with a belt of their choosing because whoever takes it off of him, Jericho will make that person look spectacular when he puts them over.

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    He deserves it by all means... He has put over almost every top the roster.. He can wrestle better than most of the current stars.. His mic work work face or just great..

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    Would love for this to happen!

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    Can't see it myself it would be cool if it happens but I can only see him participating in world title matches never actually lifting the gold

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    I cant see it happening myself due to his part time schedule you could argue that rock has the title on a part time schedule. But as much as the IWC prefer Jericho. he doesnt draw like the rock.

    But i would love to see it as a i do think he deserves it and as a big Jericho mark . However i dont think he'd have a retirement match as someone above said. He's stated himself he'd rather go out getting fired as a whiny heel and never seen again as opposed to a big last match.
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