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    I actually got into wrestling around the time I was 16 (a little over 10 years ago). My brothers played Wrestlemania 2000 and I saw there were girls there. I wasn't a big gamer, but I decided to play it and I got excited to play a girl and still be able to have as much fun as my brothers. I'm the only girl in my family so this was a big deal for me. From there my curiosity grew to see the the shows and see what these women really looked like and acted like and to this day I'm a wrestling fan, not so much of the WWE since the Divas division is extremely lame, but of women's wrestling in general I would say. Most guys think it's cool I like wrestling, I've never been teased for it and I've never teased a guy over it so at least for me if a guy likes wrestling it doesn't hurt his chances of going out on a date lol.


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