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    Jeff Hardy Finally Arrives in TNA!

    It's been a long time coming, with his court case hanging over his head its fair to say Jeff Hardy's mind wouldn't totally be on his Wrestling but I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking he has been phoning it in for more or less all of his TNA tenure so far, last nights promo before his match with Kurt Angle he mentioned "I'm a great wrestler too" when questioned about Kurt being the best in the World, I must say I sniggered at that notion and said to myself "Well its about time you started showing it then Jeff!"

    I think its fair to see he did that and more, I'm not naive enough to believe Hardy just pulled out all the stops, I know a large reason he had such a great match last night was due to him being in the ring with Kurt Angle, this guy just seems to get better and better, however not since SummerSlam 09 have I saw Jeff Hardy put so much into a match, he proved last night why the WWE where desperate to keep him and proved why TNA where desperate to sign him up, the crowd with the "Lets go Angle, Lets go Hardy" seemed very Pro Angle when the chant was going up but I noticed a subtle change in the pop as the match when on and the fans started siding more with Jeff, that for me spoke volumes for the story he helped tell in that ring, it wasn't even booked to go like that either, I think the live crowd where just surprised and thrilled that Hardy put on a performance befitting the billing he receives.

    I think Jeff Hardy has been one underrated performer for a few years now, I was always on his case that he was a spot monkey but ever since 2007 he has matured as a performer, however he still relied to heavily on gimmick matches in my opinion, well last night for me at least proved that he can not only make a non gimmick match entertaining, he can also last the pace, for me last night was Jeff Hardy's best ever non gimmick match perfromance.

    What did you think of his performance last night and his career so far in TNA?


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