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    It is pretty expensive for figures

    That was plain rude...

    I want!!!
    Dear Santa..
    Basically the incident was my mate asked me a question about the Locke & Key comic series, I was answering it when one of their staff butted in and started saying I was wrong. Which is funny because I had been reading the series and this guy obviously hadn't because he knew nothing about the series. My mate read the bit on the back of the graphic novel and what I had said was correct and the guy just went "Really? uh!" and walked off. He didn't even apologise for butting in or the fact he was wrong and giving bad advice.

    Those two figure are released next month and I estimate will cost me around £480 for the pair. If I want Bane he will cost me £195.

    Clandestine knows the feeling Spidey.


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