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    I'm intrigued with the new film series. I loved the original 2, but the third film wasn't so good and they ruined Venom. I hope they use him again. I think the choice for Harry this time should be good, his role in Chronicle was good indicator of that. Andrew Garfield suits the role more to me than Tobey Macguire did in my opinion and I Love Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy, My only complaint was the story itself so hopefully #2 will be better. The new Mary Jane isn't bad looking either..

    I'd say she is a better choice than what Kirsten Dunst was, based on appearance.
    Agreed upon the two original movies, i actually am a fan of the 2nd more so than the first.. I think the characters really developed and really showcased the characters..
    I am ever so slightly in love with Andrew Garfield and i love his portrayal, his look and i mean that suit getting off topic he is awesome.. Emma Stone is excellent as Gwen, she has the smart talk and the persona nailed...

    I am intrigued at Mary-Jane and Harry's recasting and i cannot wait to see what they will show..

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