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    WWE Titles.. Hiow Many Do You Need?

    I think there should be 5 titles up for grabs in WWE and is what i feel they should be. Obviously the WWE, Tag titles and Woman's are no brainers but the two id propose would be a little more radical. Firstly id have the IC and US titles unified to create a credible and storied title that would honor both great workers and up-comers as the two titles have over the years. I would do this by putting a 230 lbs weight cap on this which ensure this wasn't tarnished by big sloppy oafs like Ezechiel Jackson or Great Khali or any former heavyweight champions looking for something to chase in between story lines. This would also show whoever was the IC/US/New Light Heavyweight champion was likely to be the next guy with in ring skills to step up to the WWE title. Which brings me onto my next title the WWE title, this title should always be the centre piece of the company and can be worn by a man of any size. Well as long they were ready to take centre stage with it and not be overshadowed by a Cena/Rock/Lesnar type of guy who can often do this to an undeserving champ (see Miz and Del-Rio WWE title runs). Then finally id controversially keep the Heavyweight title and again id put a weight cap on this making it shock horror a HEAVYWEIGHT title. For this title id put a 270-280 lbs cap on to keep it away from Cena/Orton or Punk/Bryan types and perfect thing to chase for the Barratts, Kanes, Henrys etc. This would make the shows, the company and over all product tick over more efficiently but hey ho WWE wont take a risk and do it as it is easier to just plod along in mediocrity then it is to expand and achieve greatness.


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