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    tna change for the better part 2 and a well wanted return

    Part 2
    Impact opens with new titles

    AJ comes out says he built tna and now he saved tna. He says for weeks he’s been on the back burner for months watching fans leave and ratings drop while those f’n hasbeens hoged the show he says but now tna will get run properly and will go on to so much future succsess and its starts right here tonight on the greatest wrestling show in the world tna impact tonight one young stars going to get the chance at the world champion anywhere any time and it will be decided in a ultimate endurance match. And as for the anticrhist Jeff Hardy you’re getting no more help no more protection and if he wants the return match its gonna happen tonight in full metal mayhem match
    Ric flair intrupts AJ demands him to hand the company back to eric. he tells him that he took Aj under his wing he tought him how to be a man and how to be a champion
    (AJ & flair hug)
    Then aj spins round and pele kicks him

    Knockouts action up next
    Mikie James vs Angelina Love vs Sarita for the no.1 contendership
    Winner sarita a huge upset in th 8 min match


    AJ Styles sat in his office when Samoa Joe comes in congratulates AJ but tells hiim the fans want to see wrestle rather than run the company
    AJ agrees and says he’ll appiont a executive producer
    Joe suggest a computer ,as a pop at raw, as he leaves

    X-division action coming up
    Amazing red vs Robbie E
    Red wins after hitting Robbie E with the red revolution. In the 9 min match
    After the bout Robbie attacks amazing red and looks as if he’s going to hit the red revolution on red when out of nowhere petey williams comes in attacks robbie and hits him with the canadian destroyer


    Tazz & teney recap petey williams return

    Shark boy and eric young throw their names in the hat for the executive producer to AJ Styles in a comedy segment

    Mangas vs Jeff Jarrett
    Magnas wins after the tormentum in a 15 min match after gunner & murphy comes out and the 3 beat him down but desmond wolfe came down to make the save

    An interview with ken anderson new tna heavyweight champion

    Immortal abyss tries to rally the troops again but this time gunner murphy kazarian and beer money leave

    Ultimate endurance match- Kazarian vs doug williams vs chris sabin vs alex shelley

    Match 1 fatal four way
    Chris sabin eliminated after a rollin chaos theory by williams(20 min)
    Match 2 steel cageJB announces that once two men have escaped the last will be eliminated
    Alex shelley escaped first
    then kazarian escapes after superkicking williams off the top of the cage (18)
    match 3 stretcher match kazarian wins aftrer hitting a leg drop of a ladder on shelley on the stretcher (7 MIN)
    winner kazarian (full match length 35 min)

    kurt angle thanks AJ for rehiring him
    then AJ goes into his office to find Abyss
    Abyss begs AJ to rehire hulk hogan AJ says no and abyss went nuts but samoa joe jumped him and layed him out

    Main event Jeff Hardy vs Mr Anderson full metal mayhem
    Just as it looks as if andersons gonna get the win rob terry runs in pulls anderson off the ladder and hits him with the freakbuster but kurt angleruns in to make the save he and terry disappear back stage this leaves the way open for hardy and he gets up with his hand on the belt when anderson pushes the ladder over sending Hardy through a stack of tables at ringside anderson climbs up gets the belt for the win (22 min)

    end of impact


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