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Thread: Deathmatches.

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    Just a quick topic, does anyone here enjoy watching deathmatches, I know CZW, and even ECW made its name off Barbwired, and florescent lighttubes, but does anyone here actually enjoy those type of matches where its pure blood, (very little wrestling) where they basically kill each other in the ring.

    I for one don't, I love a good hardcore match from time to time. I've enjoyed Edge Vs Mick Foley at WM, I've watched a lot of ecw matches and enjoyed them, but sometimes I think it can be a bit to much.

    So thoughts on Deathmatches in general, do you like them or hate them?

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    They're not wrestling, just blood soaked spot fests for people who think that watching people mutilate themselves is entertainment. The logic behind them is presumably that they are more "real" than normal matches, but ultimately they just seem like self-harm support groups who have gone somewhat off-message.

    Dreadful and should be banned in my opinion.



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