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Thread: Abyss

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    ok im just curious why are they dragging out the j park angle thing bring abyss back!
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    I think this is just a way for them to have abyss unmasked and them bring him back at a later date as a monster, there is only so long you can run one gimmick for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wrestling1 View Post
    ok im just curious why are they dragging out the j park angle thing bring abyss back!

    Because it's funny and shows Christopher's depth as a talent.

    The Kayfabe lawyer... The "immense" training at OVW... The "vote for Park" politicking. It's funny.

    Yes, Abyss is awesome, but in no way is Joseph Park, Esq a bad thing to me. Patience is something worth exercising in this situation; the longer he's gone, the more you'll mark out when Abyss returns.

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    TNA has been really booking some long storylines (not that is a bad thing). On one hand I am a huge fan of Parks but I am dying to see him turn back into his brother - you know, Abyss.

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    Why end something that's working so well?
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    It's working but I'm ready for Abyss to be back too.
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    IMO I am really not enjoying Parks, I agree Abyss needed a 'rest' so to speak but they could have done it better I think, He just doesn't appeal to me in the slightest.
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    I'm enjoying Joseph Park too but I miss Abyss for his matches. Park can't wrestle so his matches are generally rubbish with one quick flurry of offence and if we're lucky a Black Hole Slam. I'd like Park to up his game more quickly but all the time Aces and Eights storyline dominates it doesn't bother me too much that TNA's favourite monster is missing.

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    I'm still under the impression that he's not coming back, Joseph is pretty over and killing his character entirely wouldn't make sense, and would insult everybody's intelligence

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    Quote Originally Posted by SouthernBlood View Post
    Why end something that's working so well?
    I totally agree. The crowd was going nuts for him in his feud with Bully Ray,


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