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    Well, it happened sooner than I thought...

    I knew King Mo would get put down at some point... I just didn't expect it happening so soon and being such a decisive knock out. With the press coverage from ESPN on this, along with the fact that it's a knock out that will most likely be featured on replays for Bellator for a long time to come, it appears that King Mo has indeed made some noise... Just not the kind that both TNA and Bellator wanted him to make.

    I stated a long time ago that if this scenario was to happen it would take away the 'credible threat' aspect that King Mo could bring. With this being such a high profile KO from someone he was certainly billed to beat, it makes it even worse for King Mo. While I do think that this is a bad thing if TNA is planning on calling King Mo in this year, I think this early stumble for Mo helps his position with TNA (and wrestling fans) in a way.

    Firstly, thank God this didn't happen while Mo was wearing a title. If he was to be wearing a TNA belt when this happen, the speculation would be around if Newton was to get a contract next. It would also make the title drop a peg in my eyes (like it could go much lower) because if King Mo could get put down in the first 3 minutes, why would I want to watch him in a 7 minute bout? I know it's putting more emphasis on the real aspects of wrestling than it should, but the way it appears to me, to have a title holder be knocked out in a separate fight makes that title holder appear easier to defeat.

    Secondly, King Mo is very new in TNA and has been limited on his Impact television appearances. With what he has done, as the enforcer at BFG, I feel he did a decent job with his facial expressions of selling how 'real' the scripted wrestling is. He seemed to come across as genuine when he was cringing during the Storm/Roode match. He might not have been involved in the match, but they also managed to keep his involvement in Impact minimum as well, so I feel this (along with the fact that ESPN hasn't associated him with TNA the way Spike, Bellator, and TNA have) keeps TNA away from the negative connotation of King Mo being "nothing more than hype".

    Any thoughts about this? There really wasn't a question to it; I just didn't see this coming so soon after he began working for both promotions.

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