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    Roman Reigns

    I'm sure that judging by my posts on anything even remotely Shield related, and looking at my signature, that some of you can tell that I'm a staunch advocate of Roman Reigns eventually being one of THE guys. Indeed several of you agree judging by a poll on a thread created by someone else.

    Since the Shield first debuted on Raw after Survivor Series (I didn't get a good look at the 3 of them in Survivor Series as it was all a bit quick but of course was aware of Ambrose and Tyler Black) I looked at Roman Reigns and thought "THIS is a guy I can see spearheading the next generation of stars". Most were focused on Ambrose, who has undoubtedly impressed with his mic skills, and the majority of the remainder on Rollins, who has a fluid and crisp in-ring style. But to me, Reigns is the one most compelling.

    He doesn't have the incredible mic skills of Ambrose; that isn't to say that he doesn't have charisma, which I feel he oozes. You can probably tell by my list of favourite wrestlers in my sig that I favour the Angles and Jerichos and Hennigs over the Hogans and Cenas etc. But that is not to say that I only like wrestlers who have more holds in their repertoire than Chris Jericho's WCW list! This is entertainment after all, not amateur wrestling.

    On that basis Reigns just immediately impresses. He just has a quiet charisma, and intensity and is explosive in the ring; a credible destroyer. And (I hate this cliche but nevertheless) he seems to have "it". He has that presence, and I don't mean "presence" as per the Kevin Nash definition of height, I mean the thing whereby when a superstar's music hits and they walk out the curtain, you're just automatically compelled to take notice. Something beyond any technical skills. Cena has it; Punk has it; Bobby Roode has it. To me Ryback doesn't have it. He comes out but there's nothing that makes you want to watch him. On this basis, to me I honestly see this man as the eventual face of the WWE with Sheamus being to him what Batista was to John Cena. Thoughts?
    Yes, I mark out for Kurt Angle...hate me.

    Favourite of all time in no order: Kurt Angle, Ric Flair, Chris Jericho, Undertaker, Stone Cold, Shawn Michaels, Booker T, Rick Rude, Mr Perfect and Sting.

    Pushing for Roman Reigns to be THE face of the WWE in 2015 since December 2012. Truly hope we see him in that top guy spot.

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