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Thread: Goldberg to TNA

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    You don't have to sell me on the competition in the industry idea, I subscribe already! I could really respect that motivation from him.

    As would I - It would put to rest a lot of the negativity that surrounds him for some reason as being a person who just cared about the money and not the industry. Sure, the guy got paid a chunk of change to be in the business but he wrestled from 1997-2001 with WCW, went to All Japan in 2002-2003, and came to the WWE in 2003-2004. All together, he was in the business longer than Brock Lesnar, but Lesnar gets welcomed back with open arms since he was never anything outside of WWE-made. I wouldn't mind it happening, but like I said - It all comes down to what Goldberg wants to do.

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    I'd rather masturbate to your picture of Carnage.

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    DRG hates everyone

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    Well, speaks highly of Bischoff compared to the stuff he says about Vince. He also met up with Bischoff in that helicopter a while ago, but we have no idea what that was about. The dude just wants his kid to watch him wrestle, that's all he constantly says. I know he's more a fan of PG, but TNA isn't doing anything piggish compared to half the shit Vince has done. The only thing I can think of, was that awful crap they did to the knockouts in 2010 when they were trying to be all "Attitude".

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    Goldberg to TNA?
    It would be awesome you know,it may be a threat to young talents to have him there,he may get the whole fucking Goldberg push again,the whole a&8 angle may revolve around him,But it would still be awesome to see him,a total markout moment!!!
    But I can say that the chances of him signing with TNA are like 0.1%
    Did we all forget about how much the man want Money?
    TNA is having the whole Road plans right now,they will not be able to waste huge amount of money.

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    I would mark out where ever i see goldberg. I think it would be cool if goldberg went to TNA. As theres alot of history he has with guys like hogan and sting.

    off topic, would u like to see TNA make a gillberg for ryback?

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