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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkside Ron Garvin View Post
    Is it possible? Of course; from all the interviews I have seen with Goldberg, he gives massive credit to Sting being one of the guys who was great and approachable to him when he entered WCW. I'm trying to recall the interview, but he said that he does keep in contact with him. Goldberg can do just about anything he wants so I wouldn't say him going to TNA is impossible. He has been vocal about how the competition that WCW presented to WWE made the wrestling industry and the overall product MUCH more interesting and since the WWE became a monopoly, it has been on a steady decline. Since he was so passionate about speaking on how much the wrestling industry needs this competition, I could see him going to TNA just as a way to revitalize the business, so long as he cares enough about it to attempt to make a difference in the current situation.

    Is it likely? In my opinion, no. I understand people bury the hatchet after years, but Goldberg felt the way his run with WCW ended was due to Nash, Bischoff, and Hogan. Those three guys were pretty high up on his shit list and left him with a sour taste because he felt they were only about their image and getting what they wanted, which he said rubbed him the wrong way after having played team sports most of his life. Nash might no longer be in the TNA picture, and Goldberg might have moved past the Bischoff aspect because Bischoff has been quoted as saying he "wishes" he could take credit for the Goldberg idea, but he can't and gives the entire credit to Goldberg himself. But I am not sure Goldberg is at that point with Hogan because I haven't read anything contrary to his thoughts on Hogan just being an inflated ego. So if I had to make a decision, I would say "no, he won't be in TNA anytime soon" unless more information comes out that sways the case in a different direction.

    The thing that TNA has going for them is that Goldberg has always stated that he is amazed by the athletic abilities of wrestlers in the ring. He gave a MAJOR amount of credit to the success of Monday Nitro to the Cruisers and said that even though they had major names in the company, they best part of the show that kept people tuned in until these major stars were back on the screen was the awesome matches the roster had; the wrestling most of the time was better than the segments. Being that TNA has a similar outlook and feel, I can see this being a plus and attractive attribute for TNA. Pair that with Sting being such a major fan of TNA, and the business decisions that TNA seems to be making as a way to improve their product, Goldberg might find himself with a nice spot in the company. We might not like the guy for his in-ring work, but I give Goldberg credit in that MOST of the interviews I have seen of the guy, he did seem to have a passion for the wrestling industry and would give credit (by naming names) of those who he felt were excellent wrestlers. If TNA has enough excellent wrestlers and Goldberg is passionate enough to actually attempt to help in recreating competition in the wrestling industry, only time and Bill Goldberg will tell us that answer.
    I pretty much agree with this. It's entirely possible and of course there are several factors at play ranging from, as you say, relationships with people like Hogan and Sting to things like money, current earnings, some sort of limelight, getting back into the business etc.

    What do you all, especially the people that are incredibly sceptical about this, make of the Jan 23 2013 article? He's implied that he's going to wrestle soon, but not for WWE, and emphasised that he isn't just saying it for e-buzz (which he's clearly achieved ) it him indeed blowing hot air? Or trying to get WWE to pursue him with a big offer? Or could it be him returning for one of those short tours or legends of wrestling type tribute shows we've seen Flair and Hogan do in time away from TNA/WWE (unless the pay's good would Goldberg care enough to do these)? Or perhaps something international. The mark in me wants me to believe it is TNA and Aces and 8s because the storyline needs the end product to be a big name that ISN'T JJ or Easy E to be legitimate and not ridiculed, while a big name would go hand in hand with hitting the road for TNA.
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