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    The Show must go on

    (Excuse the cliched title)

    I was reading a preview of Elimination Chamber prior to watching it and several comments were pre-empting "a typical snoozefest", from "that no talent" freakshow who "only has a career because he's taller than most wrestlers". I of course notice "Big Show hate" on forums, comments, dirthseets etc.

    So I ask why - I really don't understand it. Yes, he isn't Kurt Angle in the ring. But does everybody need to be a man of 1000 holds, or an indie spotmonkey or a 60 minute match performer from ROH? I realise that this may sound somewhat ignorant (I'm a fan of indie wrestling, a fan of CM Punk and Austin Aries, Kevin Steen etc) but this IS, pardon the cliche, ENTERTAINMENT. It always has been. From Stampede Wrestling's "The Lochness Monster" aka Giant Haystacks to Andre the Giant, to even smaller men than them, the business is about storytelling and someone like Show fulfils that.

    At times he's also agile in the ring and is great for a brawl type match; his ring psychology is good too, he can tell a story in the ring and work the crowd. On top of that his mic skills are phenomenal I'd say. So why the hate?

    and if you disagree surely this accent should warm you to the big man
    Yes, I mark out for Kurt Angle...hate me.

    Favourite of all time in no order: Kurt Angle, Ric Flair, Chris Jericho, Undertaker, Stone Cold, Shawn Michaels, Booker T, Rick Rude, Mr Perfect and Sting.

    Pushing for Roman Reigns to be THE face of the WWE in 2015 since December 2012. Truly hope we see him in that top guy spot.


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