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    Wrestlemania Road...

    Hi guys, hope everyone is well......

    just watching Raw from Monday again and I think next week's Raw is going to show the road to Wrestlemania. I don't want to make out like it is obvious, but I think that the Vince v Heyman fight is obviously going to lead to HHH v Lesnar confrontation... Setting up for Wrestlemania..

    Also, the Punk v Cena match, I can see Cena winning, Punk kicking off and crying and then "DONG"............ And then we know what happens... Taker beats Punk at WM.

    I fancy something different... I said in a post a while ago that I thought the Shield were there to make sure the Rock faces Punk... And they were alongside the Rock... I would love this to happen and the Rock set up him v Punk at Mania by screwing Cena via the Shield.... If this happened, though, where would it lead Cena at WM? Taker? Shield? Rumours are rife that Taker is not healthy enough for a full match. Does he tag with Cena against the Shield? "I need one more partner...... DONG"?

    What are your thoughts on this? And what would your outlandish storyline be for

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    It is pretty obvious now that we'll have this matches at Wrestlemania

    The Rock(c) vs John Cena
    Triple H vs Brock Lesnar
    The Undertaker vs CM Punk

    In fact we'll have the answer Monday on RAW, as all these guys will be there


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