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    Oh wow LMAO i'm last HAHAHAHAHAH

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    72nd I thought i'd done a bit better this time round.

    Oh well, I will continue my experiment, of going with with what I want to happen rather than what I think will happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NiallF96 View Post
    Guys, Cabers is gonna do the Overall standings, so look out for them later in the week
    You calling me lazy! Bitch please i'm fabulous!

    And they are done haha

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    Under the ring before big show tears it down.
    14th not so bad

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    Oh look, I'm tied for 44th. Halfway up the list baby!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cabers View Post
    You calling me lazy! Bitch please i'm fabulous!

    And they are done haha
    Watch yo mouth boy!

    I didnt think youd get them up so fast!!

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    I must admit that this PPV had a lot of surprises. I'm shocked that I placed as high as I did.

    In the 60's, people took acid to make the world weird. Now the world is weird and people take Prozac to make it normal.

    This forum has died.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wade Barrett 1979 View Post
    Da funk? I demand a recount!

    So do I!

    Quote Originally Posted by NiallF96 View Post
    This-.... Automatically deducts 187 points. Sorry bro, rules are rules :/
    DO IT! I need to win!


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