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  • Keep Swagger in the Main Event

    21 44.68%
  • Have Ziggler Cash in; rematch at Mania

    8 17.02%
  • Pull Swagger; Give Ziggler the #1 Shot at Mania

    2 4.26%
  • Pull Swagger; Give the shot to Y2J

    5 10.64%
  • Pull Swagger; Give the shot to Mark Henry

    2 4.26%
  • Pull Swagger; Give the shot to Randy Orton

    3 6.38%
  • Pull Swagger; Give the shot to other Superstar

    2 4.26%
  • Totally different route

    4 8.51%
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    I'd have him lose his Wrestlemania spot and then suspend him. The WWE already had a situation like this with Jeff Hardy back in I believe 2009 when he was supposed to win the MITB, but he had an incident and then the WWE suspended him.
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    Seems like the card for this Monday's RAW just gets better and better! I plan on bringing a "WE THE PEOPLE" sign... knowing that wont be confiscated... but I will definitely keep my black magic marker with me so I can easily change the "WE" to "WEED" once I'm in my seat. Seems like signs like this would be taken at the gates.

    I really like this storyline and I am a Thwagger fan, but he should know better. I'm a guy that has THC as part of my DNA, so I have no issues with him smoking weed, but what an idiot to get drunk, then caught with a sack. Since they are likely going to yank his title shot, why not have him do something to ADR (like an unprovoked jump or severe beating in the ring). This causes Booker T to come out, tell Thwagger to stop, once he doesnt stop, Booker T has no choice but to suspend Thwagger and take away his #1 contender status. As Booker T is about to finish, "Now can you dig that....?" We hear Dolph Ziggler's music hit, he comes out to the ring and cashes in on ADR.

    This sets up a great rematch at Mania. Thwagger serves his suspension, then comes back after mania like a heel martyr. They continue to build him with this new persona...

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    A Jack Swagger vs. ADR match at Wrestlemania 29 needs to happen. It will get a lot of heat and generate lots of reaction. Hopefully it is the opening match of the night so Wrestlemania opens up to a good start. If Swagger is suspended a good way of doing this is on the following Smackdown's leading up to Wrestlemania 29. Let Big Show take on ADR in a steel cage match which is brutal and ADR wins. After being weakened, Swagger destroys ADR post-match. This will lead to a Ziggler cash-in and a Swagger furious. Let Swagger get attacked backstage by Big E. Langston which results in him getting injured and serving his suspension if he does not it will be a slap in the face to Bruno who improves on the latest wellness program. It will set up Dolph Ziggler vs. ADR at Wrestlemania 29, with a stipulation such as a steel cage so Big E. and AJ do not cause ADR loss.

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    As some one who 1: was glad to see Swagger back with the intensity he had and the gimmick he had and become #1 contender for WHC at WM29. 2: is a supporter of Legalization of Marijauna. 3: can't wait to see Ziggler get a good run as WHC in the near future............ I think Swagger should be immediately fired for Blatantly violating WWE's Wellness Policy in such a public way. I also would like to see a non former champion be named # 1 contender win at WM29 keep it till the next PPV which should be extreme rules have the rematch be brutal enough for ziggler to cash in and win and keep it till the WWE chooses to pass it on to the next guy

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    I don't know, the way I see it he was given a huge opportunity and should have kept his shit together. I don't see Alberto or Ziggler or any other guys getting arrested when they are given a push. They should suspend him and go with Orton or someone else. Even giving a mid-card like Barrett or Cesaro a shot might be a better choice than Swagger. There's also the fact that he is suppose to be this conservative angry tea party guy and he's getting caught with weed. Its the same idea of Serena going out and getting bombed when she was suppose to be with the SES. I know it's wrestling and it's pretend, but I like the idea of guys at least trying to support their gimmick outside the ring.

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    If they book Wrestlemania right Ziggler will cash in on the winner of ADR vs ? and if he already is planned to face Jericho Booker T or somebody will come out and say he will have to defend his WHC against Jericho resulting in 2 WHC matches. 3 If you count the cash in but I don't really count that.

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    Dye JoMo's hair blonde, give him a singlet and a lisp, and sneak him in as Swaggers replacement. Both have crappy finishers involving bouncing off the corner ropes.

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    While the Ziggler cash-in and rematch at Mania scenario makes sense, it kind of stinks IMO. They've waited THIS long for Ziggler to cash-in, I've got my fanboy heart set on the big moment happening on the Grandest Stage of Them All. To cash in 4 weeks before Wrestlemania... that's like bunting a regular-season-game-winning single instead of hitting a walk-off grandslam at the World Series.

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    He can job to the returning........ HUNICO!!
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    Swagger admits to his wrong..... WWE Issues a Suspension.... He sets out the month of March and he return Wrestlemania Week the April 1st Raw..... Goes on to win the World title and Dolph cashes in MITB....
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