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  • Keep Swagger in the Main Event

    21 44.68%
  • Have Ziggler Cash in; rematch at Mania

    8 17.02%
  • Pull Swagger; Give Ziggler the #1 Shot at Mania

    2 4.26%
  • Pull Swagger; Give the shot to Y2J

    5 10.64%
  • Pull Swagger; Give the shot to Mark Henry

    2 4.26%
  • Pull Swagger; Give the shot to Randy Orton

    3 6.38%
  • Pull Swagger; Give the shot to other Superstar

    2 4.26%
  • Totally different route

    4 8.51%
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    Worst case scenario

    Yes, this is another thread dealing with the Jack Swagger arrest - but I don't want to speculated what the WWE will do about it. This is more along the lines of what would you do for the benefit of the WHC (not just Swagger) if the decision was yours. Some might choose to leave Swagger where he is, some might choose to have Ziggler cash in so Del Rio gets the rematch at Mania, or others might have Mark Henry involved. I want to see the IWC's decision making skills on this one. Remember, this is being done for the benefit of the WWE, not just wanting what we want, so please include a bit of a reason why you would choose the route you are taking and how it would benefit WWE as a whole - not just one individual you like.


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    I voted to keep Swagger in the match but I'd have him lose. It's just too close to Wrestlemania to completely scrap the idea, especially when the two guys feuding are polar opposites. There's no heel better suited to have a WM level feud with Del Rio. I do think you have to job Swagger out for a while afterwards. Stupid choices must have consequences.
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    I'm a Ziggler fan at nearly pathetic levels, but I voted to see Swagger keep his match at Mania. I'm somewhat shocked I feel this way, but his character is garnering some serious heat and media attention, and it really feels like he's an actual bad guy. It feels fresh and new. Even more shockingly, Del Rio is growing on me as a face. Sure he panders, but he panders well.

    That said, Swagger the character could always use the, "He's a character portraying a villain just like a TV drama" - excuse. This arrest paints a whole new picture though. At the end of the day, as we know, this decision will come down to what means more to the WWE - the Wrestlemania card or their public image.

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    I was a bit torn on this one. Although I'm really enjoying this new angle with Swagger, I still have that niggling thought in the back of my mind from last time where they seemed to give him too much too soon and it really ruined him to a degree. I'm just wondering whether this is too close to his return.

    I nearly went for the Henry option, because they could easily have him injure Swagger and I've been loving the Hall of Pain Mark Henry which has followed on from his last reign.

    I decided in the end though that the best option at this time though is to keep Swagger in the main event, the build up though quick has been done very well. I'm loving having Dutch as his mouth piece and the whole gimmick naturally fits well against Del Rio.

    With how good these two are in the ring, this could be a dark horse outsider to steal match of the night at Mania.

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    I chose to keep him in the main event.

    He's still able to wrestle and he didn't hurt anyone so don't change everything right now.
    If he was involved in an accident because of drugs that would be a different story.
    Suspend him after wrestlemania.
    I would have chosen a replacement if I could see someone take his place, but I only see maybe Orton or Big Show to replace him and I don't think they want the "racist" gimmick.

    Jericho said recently in Main Event that he was trained by Del Rio's father and that he respects Alberto so that won't fit.
    Mark Henry character doesn't give a crap if you're mexican, he just wants to crush you.

    The easy way out of this one for the WWE would be to have ziggler cash in and rematch at mania.

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    I fully agree with clrj3514 and voted similarly.
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    Give it to Orton. Have him turn heel in the process. Long overdue.

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    I just don't see a way to keep him in this match now. Sure you could keep building the feud up, and then punish him after Mania, but then what was the point in building him up only to bury him again?

    I voted for Ziggler to cash-in and lead to a rematch, but now I'm wondering where this leaves Y2J, Orton, and Henry?

    The only problem is that these two have been having a few TV matches lately, so why do we need another damn rematch when 'Mania will already be full of them?

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    I think they'll let him do the match, he could possibly even win it. Only to have Ziggler cash in on him when he does.

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    Went with Henry.

    Henry's still pissed about Elimination Chamber so have him take Swagger's title shot somehow.

    Most people expected Henry vs Del Rio anyway and they have the pieces for a logical storyline.
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