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    Future HOF Inductors

    I got to thinking the other day about current active future HOF'ers and it got me wondering on who would induct them. There are some obvious ones like these:
    1.Triple H inducted by HBK.
    2.Undertaker inducted by Paul Bearer and Kane and vice versa for all three.
    3.Christian inducted by Edge.
    4.JBL inducted by Ron Simmons.(Techincally not active but is a commentator)
    5.Brock Lesnar inducted by Paul Heyman and vice versa.

    Now onto ones where I have no clue on who would induct them:
    1.CM Punk
    2.John Cena (Don't want him in there but his career can't be denied I guess)
    3.Big Show
    4.Mark Henry
    5.Kurt Angle

    So who do you guys think should induct these guys and why?
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