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    Your Favorite match type in WWE?

    Simple thread, what type do you enjoy seeing the most in the history of WWE. It can be anything from the Ironman Match, to the Inferno Match.

    For me my favorite match type is The Money in the Bank Ladder Match. To this day there has never been a bad Money in the Bank match, and it really has helped elevate many superstars careers. Plus it has given us plenty Wrestlemania moments as well.

    Sidenote: Here's the highlights to my favorite Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

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    For me personally, I have always liked a good ladder match.

    Whenever I think of a ladder match the one between Razor and HBK springs too mind. Great match.

    Followed by the Hell In the Cell. Taker vs HBK, Mankind vs Taker two of my faves.

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    I'm partial to the 1hr Iron Man Match. Best one I've seen, Bret Hart v Shawn Michaels the OT Iron Man match
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    i always like the classic hardcore mayches back during the hardcore title days

    not really wrestling, always unpredictable
    seriously entertaining

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    I have always enjoyed battle royals ... my favorite pay per view of the year is the royal rumble. The money in the bank matches are also one of my faves. Lots of action and I love the matches that there is no favorite to win. Iron man matches are also very enjoyable to watch.

    Now I do like the elimination chamber matches ... I love how they are put in pods, the structure of the cage and they have been pretty enjoyable (not not all) but alot of them have been great to watch.

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    I like a Buried Alive match because it usually means a bitter feud, although these matches are often poorly booked; I also enjoy submission matches between 2 technical wrestlers.

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    Still without a shadow of a doubt the match I will always regard as my favourite is the royal rumble especially 95 96 and 97 in my own opinion the best rumble matches I have saw

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    Quote Originally Posted by andy mc View Post
    Still without a shadow of a doubt the match I will always regard as my favourite is the royal rumble especially 95 96 and 97 in my own opinion the best rumble matches I have saw

    I second this. Growing up I was obsessed with the Royal Rumble. That feeling I get has not left me yet.
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    I'd say for me Hell In A Cell. my favourite one would be HHH Vs HBK. those two were my favorite and most hated at the time.

    honorable mentions would be The Royal Rumble

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    The Marquess of Queensberry Rules pugilism is my favourite form of manly entertainment.

    In WWE though it has to be the traditional Survivor Series elimination match.


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