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Thread: Wwe 2k15?

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    Wwe 2k15?

    Ok so I have been taking a break from wresting over the last about 2 and a half months, its just got to the point where watching raw was becoming more of a chore then anything else. But I heard about Punk trying to sue for including him in the new game and it got me curious so I checked the site and found basically nothing. There's like half a roster, no news, and no videos aside from the two trailers, this has me worried because despite how shit the shows have been I was looking forward to the new game.

    Does anyone here have any information about whats going on? Why the full roster hasn't been released and there is next to no news or gameplay available?
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    Well the game isn't out for over a month, it's understandable that they hold off anything major until the very last minute. As far as I see, most (if not all) the roster has been revealed:

    Not really what more you need to see/think you would be able to see :/

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    Also, they did release some gameplay footage. Goldust and Cesaro were featured in one match if I recall.


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