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Thread: WWE 2K14 Thread

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    Some things I have wanted for years, and others that used to be in and got removed.

    -Real career mode, where you can take a created character through the ranks from curtain-jerker to Superstar. (Smackdown 2 or 3 had this, it was awesome, and it went on literally forever, working on the Universe gimmick of random storylines... That was 3 consoles ago, I am sure that they can do better now)

    -The ability to cause interference in every match.

    -more options for Tag Team entrances. Conversely, bringing back some of the older ones.

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    I've said it a few times and I still stand by it. I like playing with one character, and I'd like to be able to participate in random but sensible storylines one after the other, with modern-day decision-making along the way. If your character is a face for example, you should be presented with opportunities to do a surprise heel turn at certain points. I'd like text-based dialog(let's face it, you can't voice something like this without severely limiting the storylines) peppering this thing. I liked some of the concepts behind SvR 2008's 24/7 mode where you could choose to make public appearances, train, and that sort of thing on off-days.

    The crap that's in the new games... I mean Jesus it's so lifeless(and pointless) in Universe Mode.

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    I'm pretty much done with wrestling games as far as I'm concerned. They're not worth the money, and there hasn't been a really good one for a while.
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    every time i play my wwe 13 now, i never get cutscenes, i did in 2011 and 2012 way too much, every match, but never in wwe 13. In 2012 the cut scenes pissed me off because every time i made a tag team, the first match, broke them up, on 2012 a week ago, i started my universe mode over, and made the team of the Hardy's and Matt attacked Hardy during the first match as a team.

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    I would like to see an expanded GM mode. Similar to 2007,2008 but expanded a lot more. Like a franchise mode. But to be honest I don't think im gonna bother with WWE 2k14 untill it is out for a while and see what's new. Also the fact I am going to be spending most of my gaming time on GTA 5 when that comes out for a long, long time.

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    Okay so the we all know the game is coming but we dont know anything that is going on it yet. and wwe13 saw little amount of "new" wrestlers make it to the game, so i figured it would be a change of pace around here to see who everyone thinks will make it onto or who you want to make it in the new WWE2K14 game.
    NOTE: they cannot have been in another wwe video game before.
    My top 10:
    The Shield (Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns)
    Big E Langston
    Bo Dallas
    Chris Hero
    Corey Graves
    Adrian Neville
    Bray Wyatt

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    The Shield
    Big E Langston
    Bo Dallas (maybe)
    Curtis Axel (DLC)

    I think that will be your lot for new people.

    Oh and Heyman as an unplayable manager. Never understood the point of those unplayable guys.

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    Id love to see an ECW sort of storyline similar to the attitude era mode on wwe 13

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    Oh hai trailer. *waves*

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    Holy shit does Ryback look awful.
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