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    I think it has gone on to long. But if they do Wrestlemania right he will cash in after the first WHC match and defend the WHC against Jericho later in the in the card giving him a nice Wrestlemania moment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FLWWEFan View Post
    If I were to take a guess right now of how things may happen it would go down like this. Del Rio defeats Swagger at Mania. Swagger goes apeshit and applies the Patriot Act to Del Rio to the point he's really messed up and can't walk. Ziggler comes out and cashes in thus winning the WHC at Mania. The feud between Del Rio and Swagger continues on from this point.

    Depending how when the WHC match takes place, they could also have Ziggler defend that title against whoever his opponent is at Mania. I wouldn't mind seeing a Ziggler/Jericho match at Mania with Jericho putting Ziggler over. Would be a nice way to start his reign as champ.

    this is a great way of doing it and once again the WWE creative team isnt smart enough to do something like this
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    personally i think ziggler should win the title at mania defend it against Jericho with no aj or big e at ringside . and then have swagger feud with cesaro
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lowki View Post
    Del Rio overcomes Swagger. Everyone is relieved that the "bigot" has been defeated by Del Rio; The guy who technically represents everyone; well, everyone who doesn't believe that all immigrants are illegal and wrong. Swagger gets more heat by destroying him post match.
    Bang Ziggler wins.

    From there? Del rio v swagger continues to help push Swagger as a main event level superstar, rather than a guy on the rise that has managed to sneak a title shot.
    Second scenario; Swagger then attacks the new WHC Ziggler straight after realizing what his attack on Del Rio has led to. Possible Ziggler face turn in the process.
    This is pretty much before Swagger's arrest. Doubt they'll push him after that. But I do expect Ziggler to "steal the show" by beating Alberto.


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