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Thread: New WWE Title

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robstar View Post
    I think you'll have to get used to it. They're not likely to change again anytime soon. I suggest we have an EWN competition for all those who don't like this belt - submit a design of your own. Tell or show everyone what we'd like to see in a belt. It's very easy to say what we don't like - how about what we do?
    Hahahah, I told someone that one FB when they said they were more creative than WWE. When asked what he would do for Clay... he said... 'Keep the funk gimmick.. and give him a title'

    Anyway, I like the belt, it's much better than the old one, in my opinion.
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    the people who are complaining the most are those still stuck in 1999, just let it go all ready there will never be anything like it was in that era. this is a new time so the are doing new things i personally have liked every belt ever realesed. it dont matter what a title looks like it matters what it means. and the wwe title will always mean who ever hold it is on top of the wrestling world.

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    I'll have to say that the hate for the belt might be a little overboard.It IS better looking that the spinner belt and can be customized with the side plates; nice touch WWE. However the main plate of the belt looks like something you pick out of a catalog for your high school class ring and is obviously designed to sell replica belts to kids at WWE house shows. It doesn't look like a belt to signify a champion but rather to sells extra merch to those fans who already bought out the entire stock of spinner belts. If you like the design then that's your opinion; I'd just prefer a belt that looks unique and not like something you can find a college alumni displaying in their office as a way of saying "looky at the college I attended... See how special that makes me appear."

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    i dont like it, thing it looks a bit toy-ish. Much preferred the belt 1998-2004.

    Side note: Had they only just added the spinning feature back to the title for this week? Because im sure it didnt spin at all for the last 5 or so years. Also last week on raw and at elimination chamber i thought the belt looked fake. Assuming they took the real one away to add the spinning feature back?
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    That's Awesome...I think you just stomped the nuts of the entire IWC with this comment. A thing of beauty.

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    From this article from

    "At one point, the championship was meant to feature a massive, three-dimensional eagle grasping onto the central WWE logo with its talons."

    That sounds so metal it hurts.

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    I personally like it more if the sideplates are removable and put on depending on the champ
    cena's C letter
    Cm punk's Raising fist with lightning
    Rey mysterio's mask
    Big show's bear face
    Randy orton's viper symbol etc..
    it does make the champion that much more credible if the tittle is representing him while he is also representing the tittle
    in my opinion the tittle looks good and the concept of it too.
    the whole black and gold colour mix is probably my favorite of all, its alot better than the whole solid gold spinner belt and even better imo than the old worned out brownish gold feel that the old wwe tittle had before cena's.

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    Well, surprise surprise, the main complaint is that it's not the attitude era type of belt. You people have to learn how to move on. Things tasted better then, the sun was brighter, people were nicer, ice cream was free and plentiful and strangers greeted you in the street; yeah yeah, we get it - your memory makes things seem so much better than they were.

    Examples of things people mistakenly recall fondly and/or examples of VERY misplaced taste - 1996-2001;

    *The Attitude Era
    *Two Guys, A Girl and A Pizza Place
    *Jason Biggs
    *Ja Rule
    *Felicity(tv show)
    *Clothing with flames
    *Frosted tips
    *The Attitude Era
    *Celebrity Deathmatch
    *The Nanny
    *Fred Durst
    *Tom Green
    *Ren & Stimpy
    *Beavis & Butthead
    *Walker: Texas Ranger
    *Reality TV
    *Blair Witch Project
    *Millionaire Game Shows
    *Hailey Joel Osment
    *The Olsen Twins
    *Austin Powers
    *The Attitude Era

    I could go on, but these are some prime examples of things that only had a few certain good things going for them or were even downright terrible- but we loved anyway. It's only natural that people try to retroactively defend their choices but some were just shocking.

    So it's not the best looking belt in the world - so what? Why are we concerned so much with the appearance of this belt? Does it make the holder look more legitimate? Does it make it harder for that certain section of fans to fap to? Or is it because now you have to go buy a new replica belt to complete your collection, even though you don't like the look of it? Get real - WWE's style has moved on even if your hasn't. Enjoy your camo cargo pants and backwards cap for as long as you want, just don't expect the rest of the world to be mired in the same time freeze.

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    I think the new title looks sick. Better than the spinner one and appropriate for this current era. Understated w/ more focus on the fact that it's the WWE Championship. And come on, it doesn't fucking say "champ" anymore.
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    I love the new belt. What says champion, or better yet King than diamonds. I've already bought one it'll be here on Thursday.

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    May i just say it all about marketing towards the audience..... I could see fans with personalize belts of what ever Wrestler logo they want, or even a create your own logo....
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