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    Possibly Ryback could be the one to pass CM Punk's title reign. I sincerely hope not because to me Ryback epitomizes what is wrong with wrestling in WWE. Guys getting pushed to the moon with a lack of talent and then we are just supposed to forget they have ever existed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AreYaSerious View Post
    All the titles need to have reigns like that.

    but to answer your question, nobody for a while.
    Except Mid-card and Tag Team titles.... them belts are suppose to be used to build stars..... Maybe a decent several month reign no more then a year.....
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    Kassius Ohno or Bray Wyatt yep.

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    The only person I can see doing this currently, with a diagustinf taste in my mouth, is John Cena. Other than that, Punk himself and maybe farther down the line, Dean Ambrose. I don't think there's anybody else who can do it at this time.
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    Bring back Gillberg....Give him one last run!!! On a serious note, I really couldn't see anybody being able to accomplish that for years and years to come...

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    Will anyone surpass Punk's reign anytime soon? Probably not, but if someone were to, I would like it to be Ziggler

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    CM Punk!!

    Dont think anyone will for a while yet. Certainly hope not Cena or Ryback
    Quote Originally Posted by DK Wrestling Savior View Post
    That's Awesome...I think you just stomped the nuts of the entire IWC with this comment. A thing of beauty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AWrestlingGod View Post
    CM Punk had a long reign, so I wanted to ask who do you guys think, and would want to see beat CM Punk's reign as WWE championship reign.

    For me if I had to pick (and I know everyone could see my choice coming) it would have to be Jack Swagger. I could see him having a reign kind of like CM Punk where he could get the sneaky victory (his win at Elimination Chamber) and also get dominate victories (like his win over Daniel Bryan). I feel if he could really keep this gimmick going, he could be the top heel that everyone wants to beat. (kind of like JBL).

    but honestly. I like Swagger, he's awesome. Been a big fan. Enjoy watching him. Not sure hel even make it to Mania now.

    I think it is highly unlikely that anyone will come even close to The Punk reign in this generation or any after. The reign had several purposes - to legitimise the title, to build the top heel the company has had and will have for years, to maintain consistency and to capitalise on a rare star (an unparalleled star bar by John Cena and part timers). If we do, I think it will be a face. Cena I doubt it as he doesn't need it. Ziggler possibly as I feel they're building him up to something special. I'd say look farther forward, possibly Ryback based on the gimmick they're building for him, even further, I spy Roman Reigns. Even now re ring psychology they're using Reigns very carefully in matches, never letting him look weak. He's going to be a star and a destroyer and the type of character that can hold a title for a long time.

    but again - it takes someone special, someone absolutely one of a kind to hold the title nearly as long as that. Cena is that special and had a v long reign. After the mainstream world saw what punk was capable of, bought his t shirts and paid attention, he became special in the same way. The Edges, the Ortons, the Sheamuses, the Barretts, the Mizs, the Bryans, the Cesaros, even the HHHs and god, dare I say, even the The Rocks, aren't on THAT level.

    call it the best of a bad bunch if you want, but I don't think people realise just how special John Cena and CM Punk truly are, we haven't seen anyone who has been on that level of give me the ball and run since Kurt Angle and injuries and health problems prevented that series of pushes going to the moon.
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