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    Surpassng CM Punk's title reign

    CM Punk had a long reign, so I wanted to ask who do you guys think, and would want to see beat CM Punk's reign as WWE championship reign.

    For me if I had to pick (and I know everyone could see my choice coming) it would have to be Jack Swagger. I could see him having a reign kind of like CM Punk where he could get the sneaky victory (his win at Elimination Chamber) and also get dominate victories (like his win over Daniel Bryan). I feel if he could really keep this gimmick going, he could be the top heel that everyone wants to beat. (kind of like JBL).

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    It's not going to happen again during this generation. No use in even picking names.
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    Only person feel that can surpass Punks title reign is CM Punk himself...
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    Quote Originally Posted by HCollins-TNA1 View Post
    Only person feel that can surpass Punks title reign is CM Punk himself...
    Yeah... have him win the title back at Mania. I wanna see 'em do it again.
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    Actually Swagger having a WWE title reign like Punk is absolutely not possible. Don't even expect that for one second. Swagger is not on the same level than Punk or the few others who are. I really hope in a few years he will, because I really like him, but for now, just enjoy & watch him going after Del Rio and the WHC. Actually what WWE is doing with him is perfect.

    I would like Daniel Bryan, as a heel, to have a long WWE title reign. not necessary as long as Punk, but at least 6 solid months with 2 great & intense rivalries vs John Cena & Dolph Ziggler. Dolph who became face after he cashed in on Jack Swagger
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    I would say :

    D. Bryan / Dean Ambrose (not yet) / Sheamus

    And maybe Cesaro / Orton / Barrett.

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    We're already talking about wanting to see someone beat Punk's reign? Shesh, it wouldn't be seen as such an impressive achievement if they were to have someone beat it.
    I don't want to see anyone get anywhere near it for a long time.
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    I would to see someone over take it, in a few years maybe, or keep the WWE title as it is usually passed back and forth between the same few guys, but make the WHC have longer reigns on it, so the WWE title still is the main stay top title for the top stars.

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    All the titles need to have reigns like that.

    but to answer your question, nobody for a while.
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    I hate to say it, but if anyone is going to just have to surpass Punk's reign in this generation, it will be ........John Cena.


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