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    Quote Originally Posted by TheJosephBanks View Post
    Get out of here, Wade! You weren't even ON the PPV! HAHAHAHAHAH

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    Quote Originally Posted by B-MCINTYRE View Post
    So we are gonna get Ziggler v swagger...
    If that happens, I'm fairly certain we'll see Thwagger v Del Rio v Ziggler for the title.

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    AJ Lee is over because she's crazy. Has nothing to do with her looks. The reason why the 2 most over females in the business are AJ & Vickie are because they rarely if ever wrestle. They are valets / managers / GMs, etc. When the WWE learns that female wrestlers are best suited to be valets / managers, then they can get back on the right track.

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    Clay and Tensai vs Rhodes Scholars.
    Match went as expected and gives the new team some more momentum as they establish themselves.

    ADR (C)vs Big Show
    Not a horrible match actually. I always fear the worst with Big Show matches, but he seems to step up to another level and bring it at ppv's. Again though, the result was never in doubt. I did think that ADR would have tried pinning Show though given that Show had been harping on about how he's never actually pinned him. I guess making the biggest guy on the roster tap out isn't a bad thing for ADR though.

    Miz vs Antonio Cesaro (C)
    Really fun match actually. Miz really had a good one here I felt. Wasn't a fan of how they ended the match though. The best thing about the ending is that it makes it clear that the feud is continuing, which isn't a bad thing. Based on that match, both men can produce something good if they take it all the way to Wrestlemania.

    Elimination Chamber match
    Didn't see Swagger winning. Although since Ziggler didn't cash in earlier, I did feel that his odds of winning were much better than they were before, given that Swagger's new gimmick is the natural antagonist to face ADR. Nice Chamber match overall I felt. We didn't get any high spots from the top of the pod or something as we have seen in the past from the likes of John Morrison, Rey Mysterio and RVD etc, which was a bit disappointing. All in all a fun match.

    I went to bed and didn't watch the rest of the ppv.

    I didn't see the Shield winning. I'm very pleasantly surprised that they won here, beating the 3 top faces in the company if you take away The Rock. Curious to see where it goes from here for the trio.

    The Rock beating Punk was always on the cards, but it sounds like they had a good match judging from the results.

    Can't wait for Raw tonight. Interested to see what's on the cards for Punk next. Will Taker appear? What's next for The Shield? Will Lesnar and HHH start the buildup to their match, if indeed that is the match they're going for?
    Exciting stuff!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikenigma View Post
    Putting Swagger over lost my Wrestlemania PPV purchase... what a shame! The only good I see coming out of this is if Ziggler cashes in on Swagger at WM. For the life of me I cannot imagine how they can't find a spot for Ziggler. He's been a workhorse for the conpany for the last few years and ALWAYS has a good match.
    You know the WHC match has been 18 seconds in the past, I wouldn't give up on something for 18 seconds of disapointment (resisting the urge to add a your mum joke to facilitate civil attitudes)


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