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    Quote Originally Posted by evilash View Post
    In this thread, I want to cover two topics.

    The first is about the "Ascension Movement" that NXT Star Conor O'Brian is alluding to on Twitter very recently. With Kenneth Cameron out of the equasion due to poor personal choices, Conor wants to build a new "Ascension", and since the first time I saw their promo on FCW years ago, I've been interested in this new gothic faction. As for new members, I suggest Conor teams with Rick Victor and Paige. Victor, whom wrestled Seth Rollins early last year on NXT (look it up), this man is just as big, powerful and sinister as Conor O'Brian, making him a perfect fit. And I think, for the extra push, NXT's "Anti-Diva" Paige would fit the mold, easily as a valet/manager as she also sports a dark look.

    The second topic is about an idea for a faction that actually may/may not happen, but just want the IWC's opinion on. Since Tensai and Brodus Clay have teamed-up, I agree with the better half of the IWC in that these men should be transformed into monster heels. But, in a twist on things, I would like to see these two men become heels and join up with Big Show.

    After teaming up for a good while as dancing babyfaces, they begin to lose matches against less powerful teams, such as Epico and Primo. The Big Show confronts them week-after-week after their matches backstage and tells them that he acted like a fool for the WWE Universe for the better part of his career, and that Brodus and Tensai should be ripping people apart like he is now. During a World Heavyweight Championship match, Tensai and Brodus make their way to ringside and help Big Show win the Title once again! Realising the Big Show was right all along, they unleash the monsters within themselves and now back the new World Champion, Big Show. Collectively, they are known as W.M.D. - the Weapons of Mass Destruction.

    Whta do you guys think? Isn't it about time Big Show gets his own monster group? Personally, I think it could be a very fresh approach to his character.
    The better half of the IWC? Um, OK, that's a thing now is it?

    I don't think they need to be heels but your idea seems plausible and if they were going to do it then that would be a good way.

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    Truly would like to see the wwe treat big show (and kane for that matter) like the super monsters that they truly and surly should be. yeah its good to switch the pace and see something different but, for gods sake, kane has held the title HOW MANY TIMES?!?!?! A no doubt future hall of famer, that came on to the scene making kids almost shit their pants, has had what...2 heavyweight championships?....I am however glad top see that the E is making moves with big show...guy is getting there in age, and I've heard him say in many interviews he won't make it past 60 because of his "giantism" disease...but still....there seems to be no legitness to him...even now...15+ years into his career...the faction idea seems good though and seems like a great way to put all 3 superstars back on the map and bigger and badder then ever! but hey...opinions are like assholes, and lets face it....the IWC has both!!

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    Teams i like to see
    swagger riley diabase -varisty club ( wont happen now
    but its ok)
    Cesero and barrett
    Lesnar punk shield brad maddox paul hayman- the hayman corp
    RIP Dusty Rhodes the greatest of common men the American Dream


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