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    Who do you guys think will win 2011's Royal Rumble?

    I think Triple H will come back & end up winning it for his big return. Who do you guys think will win?

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    I really hope not, Im going to go out on a limb and say Del Rio.

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    I would like to see CM Punk come away with it.

    Hard work does pay off..... But only if your... AWESOME!!!

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    I'm thinking it will be HHH.

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    Orton will win it.

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    CHRISTIAN! Just kidding The WWE wouldn't allow that. It will be someone who has won it before unfortunately.
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    If someone else wins the number one contendor spot by the Rumble, then it wouldn't suprise me if Kane wins it, depending on when Taker is coming back.

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    Orton. Or Cena, since Cena always has a big title match at WM.

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    I personally am hoping for CM Punk, but it won't happen

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    Hell, id love to see CM Punk, Del Rio or Christian win.
    But chances are we'll just see HHH, Cena or Orton win, again.


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