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    Youtube Pre-Show

    Brodus Clay and Tensai vs. Rhode Scholars

    Winners: Brodus Clay and Tensai
    Finish: Pinfall
    Interference: No

    Diva's Championship

    Kaitlyn (c) vs. Tamina

    Winner: Kaitlyn
    Finish: Pinfall
    Interference: No

    US Championship

    Antonio Cesaro (c) vs. The Miz

    Winner: Antonio Cesaro
    Finish: Pinfall
    Interference: No

    World Heavyweight Championship

    Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. The Big Show

    Winner: Alberto Del Rio
    Finish: Submission
    Interference: Yes

    Elimination Chamber Match to determine the no.1 Contender for the WHC

    Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Kane vs. Chris Jericho vs. Jack Swagger

    Winner: Chris Jericho
    Last Fall Finish: Pinfall
    Interference: No

    6 Man Tag Team Match

    John Cena, Sheamus and Ryback vs. The Shield

    Winners: The Shield
    Finish: Pinfall
    Interference: No

    WWE Championship

    (If Rock is DQ'ed or Counted Out, he loses the WWE Title)

    The Rock (c) vs. CM Punk

    Winner: The Rock
    Finish: Pinfall
    Interference: Yes

    Bonus Questions

    Who will score the winning pinfall/submission in the Youtube Preshow (5pts)


    Who will suffer the losing pinfall submission in the Youtube Pre-Show? (5pts)


    Will Dolph Ziggler cash in his MITB at Elimination Chamber? (10pts)

    YES, and he will beat Del Rio

    Will Brock Lesnar return at Elimination Chamber? (10pts)


    Who will be first eliminated in the Smackdown Chamber? (10pts)


    Who will be last eliminated in the Smackdown Chamber? (10pts)


    Who will eliminate the most men in the Smackdown Chamber? (10pts)


    Who will score the winning pinfall/submission in the 6 Man Tag Team match? (10pts)


    Who will suffer the losing pinfall/submission in the 6 Man Tag Team match? (10pts)


    How many Title changes will occur at Elimination Chamber? (10pts)


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