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    Quote Originally Posted by Wade Barrett 1979 View Post
    Need to avoid the Flavour Aid then.
    Would be a great angle after he excaped the cult of Vickie to be stuck in another one
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    I do like swaggers new gimmick or persona now i didnt mind him before but he seems more...aggressive now and when he wrestlers now it looks brutal...and his new mouth piece im looking forward to where this is going.

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    Sorry but I had to do it.

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    Zeb is fantastic... I can definitely see this storyline getting some real heat in some areas and getting some real support in others (ie: Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Kentucky, S.Carolina, etc.) I have no issues with Thwagger winning the EC now. I've always been a Thwagger fan, but I can now see where they are going with this. Makes sense. Would love to see them push this storyline in Dallas next week (I'm taking my son to his first show). But really want to see how this storyline goes over in a heavy Mexican populated area like San Antonio, El Paso, New Mexico, Arizona, So Cal, etc.

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    This gimmick is just getting better and better. And of course Fox News has their problems with the Zeb Coulter character and how this gimmick is being played out. To me it should be a non-issue since it's a fictional character. I find it hilarious when some people get bent out of shape about something that's fictional.

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