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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkside Ron Garvin View Post
    I see your point, but this type of back and forth between closed minds really negates the entire point. If someone is dense enough to think that people coming in from an outside country is the reason that their life is so hard, they are usually the types of people who are too proud to take jobs that don't pay them what they think they are worth. These are also the same people who would bitch, piss, and moan about having to pay taxes to the country, yet have no idea just how hard life would be if they lived in a country outside of the U.S. Maybe it's just because I have been having this conversation a lot as of late with family members, but I don't think that following the rules and paying my taxes to the government is 'unfair' when one of the benefits I have of living in this country is that I have better jobs at my disposal that will pay me more than $2.20 for an hour of work.

    I guess it set me off because I hear that response so commonly; if you're not native American than you are a foreigner to the US. Do we honestly feel that Native Americans were the ONLY people to inhabit America before the beloved "white man" came to trade beads? Most of the tribes of Native Americans (especially those at Plymouth Rock) were indeed immigrants from another part of the world that happened to venture to that location. But because they were the first to come in contact with the "white man", apparently they cannot be called immigrants to this land and we are subject to ridicule for them getting to that location first.

    People can look at it three ways - Either we are ALL immigrants (all being absolute), an immigrant is someone who wasn't born in that specific location (meaning that if you were born in a hospital in that country, it is your home and native land), or home is where the heart is and you become a part of that land, adopting the cultures and trying your best to be a constructive citizen of where ever you choose to lay your head. I live in Texas and I can give a fuck less what people think about Mexicans and illegal immigrants; I have worked with and been friends with some illegal immigrants that were some of the most honest and hard working people I ever met, and I have worked alongside some of which I could care less to ever venture around. Race, gender, nationality, or religious beliefs do not determine if you should accept a person; their character does... For me at least

    *steps down from the soap box*

    Wooow, best speech I heard for a very long time. Darkside for mod!

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