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    A battle royal where the last two compete in a ladder match, the winner gets a title shot, but the loser faces some kind of punishment.

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    Clusterfuck choas match:

    Two participants start at the top of the ramp behind a line. They fight each other and try and be the first to make it into a hell in a cell cage then past 10 lumberjacks and over the top of a cage into the ring. They have to climb a ladder up the middle of the cage and onto the cell roof, then they have to put their opponent through a table on the top of the cell, then climb another ladder while on top collect a title or briefcase then fight their way back down through all the people an mess, then make it back to the top of the ramp with the title.

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    its not really a new match per se but having a belt/briefcase/contact etc hanging from the top of the hell in a cell.

    another one (which i thought we were going to see on sunday, and we may still) is a tag team style elimination chamber. either 3 teams of 2 or 2 teams of 3.

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    A knight fight- royal rumble type match where the competitors dress up in full metal armour and fight each other with medieval weapons then have to eliminate each other over the top rope.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattTY2JHBK View Post
    Hey Guys and Dolls ,

    With Elimination Chamber approaching this Sunday, it got me thinking about gimmick matches.
    We've seen some great ones in the past, in particular my favourite, the Ladder Match.
    Does anyone have any ideas for a new match-type that hasn't been thought of in the WWE?
    I have thought of a couple;

    Firstly, a Free-For-All Table match that can involve up to 10 Participants!
    Basically, everyone Vs everyone, and the last remaining person wins the match. This I think could be a great idea to replace MITB at Wrestlemania, maybe with the winner getting a title shot at the next PPV?

    Secondly, a best 2-Out-Of-3 match that requires both a Pinfall and Submission!
    Think about Daniel Bryan Vs Chris Jericho. Jericho hits the Codebreaker for the first fall, Bryan gets the Submission for the next, which leaves the last fall as Pinfall Vs Submission only.
    It could be a great way of seeing different match styles being displayed into one match.

    Your thoughts?

    To be realistic, for WWE standards, I would say 4 superstars at the most competing in the table match. And, this new match type, could be called a elimination table match.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Piper View Post
    I love the elimination table match idea, that would kick ass.

    My biggest idea is basically Thunderdome, with all the weapons on the walls of a big cage
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cross View Post
    The Table Match idea is quite commendable. For me, I remember posting this last time we had this, it is called a Pirate Match. It is a One on One match, but with twist (obviously).
    After every 2 minutes or so, another superstar enters the match. Now these superstars manifest the "pirates." The pirates can help either superstar in the match. The only way to get rid of a pirate is by pinning them or submitting them whether it is from another pirate or one of the original superstars. In order to win the match, one of the original superstars must pin or submit the other.
    For example:
    CM Punk vs Sheamus
    *Wade Barret Comes Out"
    "Kofi Kingston Comes Out"
    To Get rid of Wade either Kofi, Sheamus, or even CM Punk can submit or pin him.
    In order for the match to end, either Sheamus or CM Punk must pin or submit the other.

    And I would give the match 3 Referees to sustain regulations. I believe it would be stupendous for title matches. Thoughts?

    I think its really messy, its a good idea, but needs development

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    what about a hardcore in your house match. 2 superstars in a very intense personal feud have an actual match in one of 'their' houses where anything goes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkside Ron Garvin View Post
    I'd go for something similar to a game we played in paintball; Predator.

    The GM names one man the Predator for the evening. The goal is for the other superstars (who must supply their own ref, Hardcore title style) to be the one to pin the Predator to get some reward (pick at your Royal Rumble number, an IC title shot, GM for a night, whatever) but if the Predator pins you, you are now on his team. If you are added to his team, it is your job to protect him at all costs (break up pins, mislead other superstars as to his identity, even own yourself up as the Predator of the night to take the heat off of him). If you refuse to protect the Predator or reveal his identity by intent or accident, you are punished (forced to compete in a Bra & Panties match, given the worst spot in a Rumble, etc.) so that a heel is forced to protect the face named Predator. If the Predator survives the whole show without being pinned or submitted, he wins the award.
    I like this idea... But if the WWE were to use it, I could see them give the role of the predator to someone like Santino

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shining Light View Post
    I like this idea... But if the WWE were to use it, I could see them give the role of the predator to someone like Santino

    I actually wouldn't mind Santino holding the honors for a night. His comedy would bring a nice element to the game. Plus, the internal struggle on his face when someone comes up to ask him if he's the Predator would be pretty comical. Maybe he just goes into the mode of taking the ref with him around to guys who are changing in the locker room or otherwise preoccupied, gives them a Cobra when they aren't looking, and pins them, thus forming his own army to do his bidding. Could you imagine Santino at the helm and commanding the likes of Miz, Orton, and Sheamus to do his bidding?

    Or even better would be if Sandow was to be the Predator, win over a few of the lower card guys, and use them to fetch things as he takes the time to play King for the night. The game offers a chance to show some depth to some of the characters who are usually limited to one segment a night.

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