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    Horrible Crap We Used to Listen to

    Looking back a few years and months I realized I had some crappy music tastes. We all talk about the good stuff we like and used to listen to but what about the bad stuff we would be ashamed to listen to today. Here are a few of mine.

    1. Limp Biskit- The whole nu-metal thing was terrible looking back and very few bands actually got it right. They were an early guilty pleasure of mine and later on I grew out of that phase. Recently they just release a garbage album, appeared on the last ICP album and signed with Cash Money Records reaching a new low. The only thing worst than their music has to be Durst's directing.

    2. Papa Roach- After Getting Away with Murder in 2004, Papa Roach has failed to make a good album and I stopped listening to them besides taking one listen through each album. The reason I think they are so popular now is because Infest was released at the perfect moment in time when people were all moody and angry. But looking back on them and looking at their songs today, you can see very little to no evolution at all.

    3. Hinder- Never liked but I just have to say why do they still think music is in the 80s?

    4. Drowning Pool- I liked the Sinners album but after that came three shit albums with sub-par vocalists, lazy song writing and boring instrumentals.

    5. POD and Rev Theory- 1 dimensional bands that make WWE themes occasionally. If it makes you feel any better I did like Satellite and a few other POD singles, a few, and listen to them as guilty pleasures, but as whole they are 1 dimensional and plain.



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