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    Quote Originally Posted by Regal>Cena View Post
    How about as the swerve Cena doesn't make it to 'Mania? I was thinking the other day, he doesn't need it and they could still sell without him. You could have The Shield beat him down so badly at Elimination Chamber that he can't compete at Wrestlemania - I'm not sure I can ever remember a Rumble winner who was injured before Wrestlemania so it would be a big deal.

    You could have Rock retain v Punk, but with Cena out they have to find a big alternative replacement; Brock Lesnar, who goes on to win the Title. Rock won't be sticking around, but seeing as Brock has signed a new 2 year deal then you could see him having at least a short run with the title.
    I think the chances of WWE doing a Wrestlemania without Cena are very slim to none. If Cena's legitimately fit to compete, then he'll be there and he'll have a match. Believe it or not, there's people out there who will buy Wrestlemania or buy tickets to it just to see John Cena.

    Also, Lesnar's new 2 ear deal is the same as the one he's had this year. He'll make as many appearances in the following year and the one after that as he made during the past one. So him winning the title isn't really feasible either.
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