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    So apparently the next 6 months of the WWE title are already set.

    If you go by the huge hints from the WWE, the probably predictable 'creative' style of the writers and the overall (no I don't speak for ALL of you, nor do I know what ALL of you think, so don't whine about this statement) feeling seems to be from the IWC. Rock will retain at the Elimination Chamber. He will go on to face Cena at Mania for Cena vs Rock II. Cena will win at Mania. Tying the two of them at one each, but Cena will have taken the title from Rock. Making it a semi-torch pass. Cena will have to retain for a few PPVs, he normally does. This give you about 6 months of the title picture. All ready sewn up.

    But what if we're wrong? What if the E are playing us and that's not how it goes down? How much would we all enjoy a huge swerve? A proper old fashioned WTF moment. Something huge and unexpected.

    Side note: I predict the Punk will win by disqualification and not win the title. (waits patiently for someone to try and correct him)


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