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    Cool WHC mania match figured out :D

    I think that E have started the del rio vs ziggler feud, which tells me that ziggler is going to cash in on del rio very soon and then continue the feud for a few more re-matches over the next few week and then final zigler moves on to the EC match winner who will be his his mania opponent. and yes its most proly Jerico or maaaaaayyybe Bryan.
    Kane vs zig makes no sense right now.
    Henry vs Zig makes no sense at least right now
    Sawager is zigs old freind..he might take on Cesaro or Del rio at mania
    Orton? He recently had a feud with Zig so not a bright chance of Orton
    kane and Brian could possibly break up and have a match at mania
    So Its Jerico vs Zig at Mania, my final answer. Lock it please

    What do you think?

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